Sebo Felix 1

Product Description

Stylish and manufactured in Germany, the Sebo Felix 1 Premium Upright vacuum cleaner offers commercial-grade cleaning power in an upright, home vacuum. This unit has a flex neck that allows for a 180 degree steering ability and even comes with a detachable suction unit that can become a handheld vacuum as well. The sSebo Felix 1 Premium includes the 12-inch-wide et-1 electric powerhead and a parquet brush. whether hard floor or carpet, this model works spectacularly on either surface. Pet owners who have to deal with a lot of fur and dander with especially appreciate this super lightweight upright vacuum.

Designed and manufactured in Germany Excellent for users with allergies or asthma 99.9% Hospital-grade s-class filtration means extra clean air when vacuuming. Protective bumpers save walls from damage. The filter bag automatically drops into place during changing. Tooless brush cleaning and changing. 12″ Cleaning width 5 Year warranty