Patented Cyclonic Filter SystemDynovac is different. Both the air and the dirt go into a sealed, remotely located collection center. No dirty air goes back into your living areas. All the dirt and debris goes through a filtration system that traps the dirt and exhausts only filtered air into your garage, utility room or directly out of doors, depending on unit purchased*. It doesn’t recirculate dust. It gets rid of it.

* Dynovac D-100 MUST be vented outside.

Rooms stay clean with less work – People choose Dynovac because it does a better job. It’s as simple as that. More power is the key. A portable vacuum must be dragged up and down stairs, and from room to room so only a small motor is practical. Because the Dynovac power unit is mounted on the wall, there’s no size or weight limit. So the motor can be, and is, much more powerful. That added power means you clean deeper. You remove more dirt and dust, and do it faster. Your home becomes visibly cleaner. To understand why, you must consider what happens after a portable vacuum sucks dirt and air into it’s canister. Every molecule of air it takes in is returned into the room you are cleaning. With that air, portables also return small particles of dust, pollen and bacteria where that can cause allergy and hay fever problems.

Allergy Sufferers Take Note – Central Vac Systems are proven to be a healthier alternative to canister vacuums. “NEW Clinical Study Proves Allergy Relief”.

Made in Alberta – by people who know vacuums. All of our polypropylene components are manufactured in Calgary exclusively for Dynovac. The vacuums are then assembled in Red Deer. Ready to ship anywhere in Canada and the US, we have a dealer network as well as sales directly from the manufacturer. Dynovac has been serving the industry for over 35 years!

A Dynovac in the home is added value – Having a built in vacuum system will be a great asset should you decide to sell your home. It is a convenience that your home purchaser will appreciate. The Dynovac offers superior cleaning to a a pull-around canister vacuum, and it is much quieter because the motor is located in the basement or garage. All you have to move around is the hose and wand. With the newest innovation – the VACPAN, you sweep the debris from smooth floors into the dustpan outlet. The dirt is taken away by the central vac system – quick and clean. No debris left floating in the air!

All vacuum systems can easily be installed with the free “HOW TO” Installation Booklet. Just download it from the Guides/Info page or call our toll free number 1-800-226-1221 for a hard copy of the booklet.

Sales & Service – Unlike some companies that promise after sales service – Dynovac really delivers. The service techs are the same people that build your system- they know what they are doing- hands down! Where else can you have the same people who built your system do your service work? It can’t get any better than that!