Why Buy a Dynovac Central Vacuum System?

Patented Cyclonic Filter System
dynovac in webplateAll the dirt and debris picked up by the vacuum goes through a filtration system that traps the dirt and exhausts only filtered air. It does not recirculate the dust – it gets rid of it.
Dynovac Exclusive Snap Off Control Module – Designed to eliminate expensive service costs. Power surges can happen and may damage your control module – no problem, just snap off the unit, mail it back to Dynovac and we will replace it (not repair) ALWAYS. No expensive service call!
Made in AlbertaAll main components of system are constructed of durable polypropylene and polystyrene, which resist corrosion, heat, rust and dents.
Service Dynovac delivers! The techs are the same people that build your system –We know what we’re doing!
All components are injection molded in Calgary and assembled in Red Deer.
                          Built and serviced by the manufacturer, sold direct to you.                                            
Over 30 years in business in Central Alberta.

100 % Canadian owned and operated.