Drawer Vac

Product Description

Drawervac is a new central vacuum system accessory that simplifies how you clean any countertop of unwanted debris. Every contertop is improved with a Drawervac and no kitchen is complete without one. Drawervac is the answer to bulky hoses that must be stored and take time to retrieve, plug in and use for quick clean up in the kitchen or bathroom counter space. Drawervac is mounted just beneath the countertop in either a cabinet or drawer. When you need to clean your countertop you simply pull DrawerVac’s tray forward which activates your central vacuum system and hand sweep the debris into it’s powerful suction system. When finished the DrawerVac’s pan retracts and turns off your central vacuum. No bending, stooping or searching for the cleaning hose and tools.

Drawervac is also easy to install and fits in cabinets or drawer areas with a minimum 12″ in width and 22-5/8″ in depth. As simple as installing a standard wall valve the DrawerVac is easy to put in. Mounting screws are included you need only align and attache the cover to your cabinet, attache the pan to the cover then connect the vacuum tubing and low-volt wire.


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